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Room 3

view in croatian
  • 2013
  • 23'27"
  • color
  • thriller
  • Orig. Title: Soba 3

A student named Ana finds a cheap apartment for rent in the city centre. Mika, the landlord, introduces her to the friendly roommate Andrija. Ana and Andrija soon grow close, but their happiness turns into a nightmare after Ana finds out some very disturbing infomation...

Kristijan Milić, Maša Škalec
Maša Škalec
Tomislav Mareković
Ana Štulina
Production Design
Sanja Bačanek, Kristina Jeren
Costume Design
Vedrana Rapić
Samir Kadribašić
Sound Design
Ivan Zelić
Iskra Jirsak, Goran Bogdan, Slaven Knezović
Slaven Knezović

Selected Filmography – Kristijan Milić (1969)

  • Number 55 (2014) – feature film
  • Room 3 (2013) – fiction short
  • Rest in Peace (2013) – TV show
  • The Champion (2010) – fiction short
  • The Living and the Dead (2007) – feature film
  • Safe House (2002) – fiction short / segment of 24 Hours omnibus
  • ER 94 (1998 ‒ 1999) – TV show
  • Boredom (1998) – fiction short / segment of 24 Hours omnibus
  • Backwoods (1998) – fiction short / segment of 24 Hours omnibus
  • Intolerance (1995) – fiction short

Maša Škalec obtained an MA in film editing from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, and in screenwriting from the University of Westminster in London. She worked as an assistant director on films The Living and the Dead (2007) and The Champion (2010), both directed by Kristijan Milić. 

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