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Retro Boom

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  • HR
  • 2023
  • 78'
  • color

"Retro Boom" is a documentary film shot in the period from 2013 to 2019, before COVID-19 pandemic. Filming takes place in the clubs: Vintage industrial Bar, Route 66, Pepermint, KSET, Johann Franck (all in Zagreb) and festivals in Medulin (Tear it up) , Zagreb (Zagreb Vintage Festival), Sveti Martin na Muri (Trash'n'burn). It is a film that brings a cross-section of an interesting retro scene that has existed in Croatia for years. In the last ten years, the vintage (retro) scene has expanded greatly among the young and among the middle generation, it can almost be said that it has become fashionable, but by no means mainstream. The film follows original rockabilly and rock'n'roll bands, fashion, clothes, pin-up girls, barbers, old furniture, old items, motorbikes and a lot more – all of it gathered through interviews and events of the past years.

Dalibor Platenik
Eureka Video
Sound Design
Eureka video
B and the Bops, Missippie Queen, Billie and the Kids, Mad men, Latex Willer, Cat paws, Mono 2 mono
Igor Recek Gangster , Ivana Greta Zotel Benko, Sanja Bencetić, Branko Radovančević, Tomo Ricov, Lada Furlan Zaborac, Hrvoje Zaborac, Mario Kovač, Julie Miranda, Andrea Vozila, Mario Švigr, Neven Faić, Branka Sovar, Damir Dimić, Jurica Štelma, Karlo Starčević, Ivan Goran Kovačić, Josip Martinović, Željko Volenik, Ana Kutija, Benedikt Horvat, Duško Iljević
Dalibor Platenik
Eureka video

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