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view in croatian
  • 2011
  • 25'
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Odraz

Luka works in a post office, processing loan certificates with a high monetary value. He goes out of his way to be efficient and meticulous but his co-workers make fun of him because he is different from them: because he is insecure, unattached and inclined to stammer when he is nervous; because he has a passion for plants; and most of all because he doesn’t talk very much. Luka’s main concern is coming to terms with his split personality – a condition that many people suffer from, in secret. The solution to his dilemma dawns on him when he stands in front of a mirror! One day the ‘other Luka’ decides to settle the score with his colleagues at work...

Martin Zenić
Martin Zenić
Viktor Gloc
Asim Ugljen, Filip Jurčić, Sven Šestak, Csilla Barath Bastaić, Antonija Stanišić, Marija Tadić
Mirta Puhlovski
Metar 60

Martin Zenić (1979) studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York and at the Guildhall University in London. He has directed numerous episodes of documentary and fiction television series, including the children's series Jura Hura and the crime series Krim Tim 2. His short films include Savana, Café Bizarre and Sinner. Zenić has also worked as an assistant camera operator and a production assistant for several TV series and has directed music videos.

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