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Photo Video Portraits

view in croatian
  • 2011
  • 16'35"
  • digibeta, DVD
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Fotovideo portreti

A photographer in the unfamiliar role of a cinematographer: the inspiration for making this film comes from personal observation rooted in photographic practice, i.e. the fact that contemporary cameras can make a technically good video. As a photographer, I have witnessed how photographic subjects anticipate the moment they will be photographed, but if after a while they realize that this moment will not take place, a reaction occurs. Often we notice that the subject’s impatience and even displeasure is due to the photographer’s indecisiveness – reactions vary from a nervous "is it over?" gesture to different attempts to hide the embarrassment caused by the belief that their preparation for the photo has been exposed. This awkward embarrassment is manifested differently in each case.

Boris Cvjetanović
Boris Cvjetanović
Boris Cvjetanović
Boris Greiner
Boris Greiner

Boris Cvjetanović (1953) graduated from the department of fine art at the Faculty of Teacher Training in Zagreb. From 1976 to 1984, he worked as a sculptor conservationist at the Conservation Institute. He has pursued photography professionally since 1984. In 1987-1988 he was the photography editor of Studentski list. Cvjetanović’s work can be divided into cycles of anxious and poignant photographs depicting socially marginalised people (Mesnička Street 6, Manhole People, Hospital, Mum in Prison, Workers) and cycles of peaceful, tranquil photographs (Summer Holidays, Meaningless Scenes, Photographed, The New Sky). Unlike the usual practice in photography, where anxiety, misery and problems are counterpointed with glamour, Cvjetanović’s counterpoint to anxiety is genuine closeness and privacy. He normally uses a fixed framing style in his photography, devoid of compositional exhibitionism; the image is still, atmospheric and genuinely compassionate. Cvjetanović is a photographer who meditates a motif and does not try to capture it.

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