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Over the Line

view in croatian
  • HR, IT, SI
  • 2012
  • 80'
  • color
  • italian, croatian, slovene
  • Orig. Title: Oltre il filo

From the spring of 1942 to the autumn of 1943, the Italian fascist regime established a concentration camp for civilians in Gonars, a small town near Palmanova in northeast Italy. During the 18 months of its existence, more than 400 prisoners died, including 71 infants. The events that took place at Gonars were documented through the drawings of children and painters who were incarcerated there. This film gives a voice to child survivors of the camp, recording their eyewitness accounts and testimony after six decades. They recall their memories of physical and mental suffering: the constant hunger, thirst and cold they endured and their loss of identity and human dignity. How did their experiences scar them and how do these people, victims of a ruined childhood, live today?

Dorino Minigutti
Dorino Minigutti
Bruno Beltramini
Sanjin Stanić
Aleksander Ipavec
Sound Design
Francesco Morosini
Irena Marković
Focus Media (HR)
Immaginaria (IT), Agherose (IT), Kinoatelje (SI)

Dorino Minigutti (1961) directed and produced numerous documentaries and educational and social fiction films between 1988 and 1999 in collaboration with the regional RAI channel, the University of Udine and the Friuli Venezia Giulia national health services. From 2000 onwards he has focused solely on documentaries. Minigutti was appointed head of audiovisual production at Immaginaria in 2006. He directed The Cistern in 2009, a documentary co-produced with L.C.P.E. about the exodus of ethnic Italians from Istria after WWII (developed and distributed with the assistance of the Fondo Regionale per l’Audiovisivo del F.V.G.).

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