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Of Hockey and Bears

view in croatian
  • HR, BA
  • 2014
  • 50'
  • color, black & white
  • sports
  • Orig. Title: O hokeju i medvjedima

Besides presenting a history of the Medveščak Zagreb Ice Hockey Club, the film includes recollections of its crucial individuals, past and present, and tries to explain the phenomenon of its popularity, including the unique spirit of Medveščak fans.

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Radislav Jovanov Gonzo, Josip Ivančić
Radislav Jovanov Gonzo, Josip Ivančić, Antonio Nuić
Radislav Jovanov Gonzo, Josip Ivančić
Ana Štulina, Andrija Gvozdić Michl
Sound Design
Hrvoje Štefotić
Boris T. Matić, Lana Ujdur
Propeler Film
Zagreb film (HR), Al Jezzera Balkans (BA)
Hrvatski audiovizualni centar (HAVC)
Croatian Distribution
Zagreb Film Festival

Selected Filmography – Radislav Jovanov Gonzo (1964)

  • Squared (2012) – fiction short / segment of Zagreb Stories 2 omnibus
  • Cubismo Turismo (2000) – documentary feature

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