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  • 2014
  • 15'

A portrait of an old and nearly blind man who lives in a home for the elderly in Zagreb.

Silvio Mirošničenko
Silvio Mirošničenko
Silvio Mirošničenko
Sara Gregorić
Silvio Mirošničenko
Akademija dramske umjetnosti (ADU)

Silvio Mirošničenko (1972) was born in Bad Schussenried (Germany) and studied social work in Zagreb. He holds a degree in film and TV editing and in dramaturgy from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. Mirošničenko has directed many documentary films dealing with burning social issues. His documentaries have been shown and awarded at the most important Croatian and international film festivals. He represented Croatia at the Prix Europa International Broadcasting Festival in Berlin three times (Dreams from the Railway Station in 2002, The Barge Keeper in 2003, and Edo Maajka – Love Song About Storks in 2008).

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