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Life Is Fair

view in croatian
  • HR
  • 2015
  • 15'
  • color
  • satire, comedy
  • Orig. Title: Horvatovi

Ivan Horvat has just received his salary, a meagre source of income for his large family. A chance encounter with a strawberry vendor will lead him to do something that will make life for his family a lot harder until the next pay-check. But it will also bring long-forgotten joy to their lives.

Arsen Oremović
Arsen Oremović
Vjekoslav Vrdoljak
Tomislav Pavlic
Matej Meštrović
Costume Design
Ivana Zozoli Vargović, Marko Šabarić
Production Design
Mario Ivezić
Bojan Navojec, Ana Majhenić, Jan Kerekeš
Ivan Maloča
Grad Zagreb

Arsen Oremović has been working as a critic, journalist, columnist and editor for Večernji listsince 1991. He was the director of the Pula Film Festival in 1999, has twice presided over the Croatian Society of Film Critics (2001/2003) and has acted as jury member at numerous film and music events. His publications include five film review collections, the collection of television and social commentary Ta divna stvorenja (2007) and the satirical social lexicon Kupujmo hrvatsko (2010). In recent years he has also been acting as film director and screenwriter, as well as being a member of the Croatian Film Directors' Guild and the Program Board of Croatian Radiotelevision.

Selected Filmography – Arsen Oremović

  • Third Best (2016)
  • Life Is Fair (2015) 
  • Castle Crash (2014)
  • Married to the Swiss Franc (2013)

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