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Let’s Play a Story – The Ant and the Grasshopper

view in croatian
  • HR, DK, US
  • 2015
  • 6'37''
  • live action, 2D
  • Orig. Title: Igramo se priče Cvrčak i Mrav

It’s bed time. Toma’s mother is reading him the story about the Ant and the Grasshopper. The characters from the book come to life, and take us to a magical animated world. Unhappy with the way the story unfolds, Toma decides to tell his own version in which the events take an unexpected turn.

Marina Andree Škop
Pavlica Bajsić, Marina Andree Škop
Kulenović Gudan, Petar Milić, Marina Andree Škop
Nynne Selin Eidnes, Sam Tuna
Mia Murat, Mislav Tomašinjak
Srđana Modrinić - BooBoo
Filip Tot
Marina Andree Škop
Sound Design
Josip Klobučar
Studio dim (HR)
First Lady Film (DK), New York Dub (US)
MEDIA, Hrvatski audiovizualni centar (HAVC)

Marina Andree Škop (1973)
Born in Sarajevo. She graduated in film editing from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb in 1997. Since 2001, when she co-founded the Studio Dim production company, she has coproduced documentaries and short films, and has directed numerous music videos, TV commercials and corporate films.

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