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Inspector Martin and the Gang of Snails

view in croatian
  • 2012
  • 75'
  • HD
  • 2D
  • color
  • debut feature
  • Orig. Title: Inspektor Martin i banda puževa

Super-famous Inspector Martin loses a top-secret parcel when his plane crashes mysteriously in a small, picturesque and secluded meadow. As he searches for the parcel, Martin meets some crazy snails, a charming lady Mayor and his old playmate from elementary school whom he now hates more than anyone in the world. One by one, Martin and the snails fall into the hands of vicious Stanko, the valley’s most ruthless criminal. Stanko is very eager to find out what is inside Martin’s secret parcel. After they have overcome and imprisoned the vicious Stanko, Inspector Martin and the snails form a secret crime prevention unit.

Igor Lepčin
Igor Lepčin, Saša Lepčin
Brajen Dragičević, Darko Tomičić, Mirela Ivanković, Julijana Kučan, Ivan Turčin, Elizabeta Abramović, Dinko Kumanović
Character Design
Robert Solanović
Helena Avilov, Igor Lepčin, Saša Lepčin
Igor Lepčin, Roman Wagner
Igor Lepčin, Tomislav Tondini, Goran Kovačić
Sound Design
Hrvoje Niković, Davor Bradač, Mario Krnić
Božidar Alić, Ljubomir Kerekeš, Kristijan Ugrina, Robert Ugrina, Hrvoje Kečkeš, Baby Dooks, Luka Jaklić, Zrinka Vrabec Mojzeš, Denis Obadić, Toni Ostojić, Siniša Popović
Mario Pulek

Selected Filmography – Igor Lepčin (1970)

  • Inspector Martin and the Gang of Snails (2012) – animation feature

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