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Hold Up in Banca Popolare di Fiume

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  • 2009
  • 15'
  • video
  • black & white
  • Orig. Title: Napad na Narodnu banku u Rijeci

A remake of the first fiction film ever made in Croatia. The story of the lost original was based on a real life incident, a bank robbery that took place in the centre of Rijeka in 1909. The heist was carried out by two young Russians and ended tragically in death of the bank manager.

Mladen Juran
Mladen Juran
Željko Sarić
Alen Liverić, Jasmin Mekić, Alojz Usenik, Jadran Grubišić
Boris Dmitrović
Formula Film

Mladen Juran (1942) is a Croatian director and screenwriter. He first became involved with film and theatre when he studied dramatic arts at the Théâtre National Populaire (TNP) in Paris (1965-1969). While still in France, he was taught by Lee Strasberg, director of the famous Actors Studio in New York. Since then, Juran has made over 200 short films, feature films, TV films and documentaries, including the full-length feature Thirty Horses (1987), which he directed from a screenplay by Ivo Brešan. Juran's career highlights include a stage production of Poet's Fate by Tihomil Maštrović, which he directed for the Croatian National Theatre, Rijeka in 1995, and four feature films: Thirty Horses (1987), The Tin Heart (1994), Transatlantic (1998, official Croatian Selection for the 1998 Academy Awards, winner of four Golden Arenas at Pula Film Festival 1998), and The Sunken Cemetery (2002).

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