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  • 2009
  • 13'
  • Orig. Title: Guliver

Gulliver, standing still in a center of the Universe, is a sign of awe for Lilliputians who approach him slowly to start building their civilization by using his tied body as a back bone. He is still and silent while enduring the burden of negligence the Lilliputians. Until one day the ties brake.

Zdenko Bašić
Zdenko Bašić
Pero Kvrgić
Goce Vaskov
In Fine

Zdenko Bašić (1980) was recognised as the best graduate student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb for his film Angels in the Snow. He has won prestigious awards for outstanding illustration, such as A Sheep in a Box (Ovca u kutiji) (2006), Kiklop (2006), the Grigor Vitez award (2008) and an award for best illustration at the 1st World Biennale of Illustration in 2008. His animated film Guliver won the Oktavijan award in 2010 and the Grand Prix for best film in 2009 at Days of Croatian Film, as well as the Libertas award for best short film at Libertas Film Festival. He was named one of the best young artists in 2009 by ULUPUH, the Association of Fine Artists in Applied Arts of Croatia. In addition, his animated music video Žeđam received the Porin Croatian music award for best music video in 2010.

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