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Goltzius and the Pelican Company

view in croatian
  • NL, FR, UK, HR
  • 2012
  • 128'
  • HD, 35 mm
  • color
  • historical, drama
  • english, dutch

In 1600, the Dutch engraver and printer Goltzius tells of his adventures to find finance to afford a new printing press to print illustrated books, when he travelled to Colmar in Alsace on his way to Italy in the winter of 1590. He proposed to the liberal-minded Margrave of Alsace to make two grand illustrated books, a version of the Old Testament and a version of Ovid’s Metamorphosis. To sweeten the possibility of a deal, Goltzius, with the male and female members of his printing and theatrical company, stage six dramatisations of Old Testament erotic stories, symbolising the six sexual taboos of fornication, incest, adultery, paedophilia, prostitution and necrophilia – Adam & Eve, Lot & His Daughters, David & Bathsheba, Potiphar’s Wife, Samson & Delilah, and (from the New Testament) Salome & John the Baptist.
The frank dramatisations of these erotic stories invoke surprise, shock and controversy at the court and among the court ecclesiatics – a Roman Catholic, a Calvinist and a Jewish Rabbi – and the erotic pleasures tempt and entice the Margrave, his family and his court to become sexually involved, which ends with the Goltzius playwright Boethius being beheaded as John the Baptist in a scandal that disgraces the Margrave, forcing him to pay for the printing press and order the commissioned books, with a suggestion that Goltzius should return to Alsace when he has finished the Old Testament commission to begin work on the second commission on Ovid, to be called Goltzius & Spranger.

Peter Greenaway
Peter Greenaway
Reinier van Brummelen
Elmer Leupen
Production Design
Ben Zuydwijk
Costume Design
Marrit van der Burgt, Blanka Budak
Sound Design
Maarten van Gent
F. Murray Abraham, Alba Rohrwacher, Halina Reijn, Giulio Berruti, Vincent Riotta, Ramsey Nasr, Kate Moran, Anne Louise Hassing, Pippo del Bono, Vedran Živolić, Nada Abrus, Katja Zubčić, Boris Bakal, Goran Bogdan, Enes Vejzović
Mike Downey, Catherine Dussart, Kees Kasander, Igor A. Nola, Sam Taylor
Kasander Film (NL)
CDP (FR), MP Film Production (HR)

Peter Greenaway (1942) originally trained as a painter, started making his own films in 1966. He has continued to make cinema in his uniquely distinctive style, which has also informed his creation of installations for institutions such as the Palazzo Fortuny in Venice and the Joan Miró Gallery in Barcelona. He has curated art exhibitions and his films regularly appear in competition at major film festivals. Greenaway has also published books and written for the theatre and opera. His first feature film, The Draughtsman's Contract (1982), received widespread critical acclaim and established him internationally as one of the most original filmmakers of our time, a reputation that he later consolidated with the films A Zed and Two Noughts (1985), The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989) and The Pillow Book (1996).

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