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Gnats, Ticks, Bees

view in croatian
  • 2012
  • 29'50"
  • digibeta
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Mušice, krpelji i pčele

Maja lives with her father and sister Josipa. She is a perfectionist in everything she does, especially housekeeping and cooking. She spends her time preparing loads of food that nobody eats. Her sister Josipa is completely different – a tomboy who drinks too much. One day the two sisters, together with Maja’s sweetheart Robi, go for a picnic. Maja wants everyone to have fun, but things inevitably fall apart.

Hana Jušić
Hana Jušić
Marko Brdar
Martin Semenčić
Production Design
Katarina Pilić
Costume Design
Katarina Pilić
Tihana Lazović, Karla Brbić, Silvio Vovk
Ivan Kelava
Grupa 7

Hana Jušić graduated in comparative literature and English language and literature from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2007. and enrolled in the postgraduate doctoral study of literature and film in the same year. In 2006, she enrolled in the BA film and TV directing study at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, and later in the MA study at the same college. She has written and directed several short feature and documentary films which have been shown and awarded at student, but also on prominent European festivals. She wrote the script for the feature film The Mysterious Boy (2013), directed by Drazen Zarkovic.

Selected Filmography – Hana Jušić (1983)

  • Birthday (2013, co-dir. Sonja Tarokić) – fiction short / segment of the Short Circuits omnibus
  • Gnats, Ticks, Bees (2012) – fiction short
  • Chill (2011) – fiction short
  • Smart Girls (2010, co-dir. Sonja Tarokić) – fiction short
  • Uncle (2010) – fiction short
  • Danijel (2009) – fiction short

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