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Experimental Violence

view in croatian
  • FR, HR
  • 2010
  • 7'54''
  • color
  • French
  • Orig. Title: Violence Experimentale

A projectionist who works in a local cinema begins inserting frames from his own experimental films into movies by other directors. And by screening these altered films, he faces his fears.

Vladimir Kanić
Vladimir Kanić
Vladimir Kanić
Marc Andreoni
Vladimir Kanić
Tvornica Svjetlosti
Association Off (FR)

Vladimir Kanić (1978) works as an independent film director, cinematographer and photographer. He has taken part in several workshops for creative writing and directing, including the Kino Trouville workshop in France, where the film Experimental Violence was written and produced in just 60 hours. Over the past couple of years, Kanić has produced, directed, shot several short films in Austria, France and Croatia. He also works as a freelance director and director of photography on corporate films and music videos.

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