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Christmas Fairy Tale

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  • 2010
  • 16'17''
  • video
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Božićna bajka

Christmas Fairy Tale is the story of forest-dwelling creatures who decide to help the Moon and the Evening Star Venus to repair the village church after it has been hit by a grenade. The animals want to repair the church so that returned migrants can celebrate Christmas there. Throughout the story there is a clear guiding principle that reminds us that only kindness, solidarity and humanity can overcome evil and make life kinder and more compassionate.

Marijan Lončar
Hrvoje Hitrec
Marijan Lončar
Zoran Mudronja
Production Design
Sanja Kolaj
Character Design
Svjetlan Junaković
Arsen Dedić
Sound Design
Oleg Colnago
Duško Slatković

Marijan Lončar (1967) is an animator, storyboard artist, layout artist, illustrator, animated film director and comic-book artist. He began his career as a professional cartoon artist in 1988, when he began to collaborate with Zagreb film as an animator working the series Little Flying Bears. He was then engaged by Croatia film as chief animator and designer for a feature-length animated film The Marvellous Adventures of Hlapic the Apprentice. He has directed several short films including Trica, Ironing and 2 r II. At Days of Croatian Animation he won awards for best animated film for his project Happy Cricket. He also initiated and led the project that created new extensions of the Professor Balthazar series.

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