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Bo-tu's Drum

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  • 2012
  • 5'55"
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Bo-tuov bubanj

The M-gunga tribe in Africa had been playing a particular rhythm on drums for many generations. One day, a little boy named Bo-tu started to drum and discovered a whole new rhythm. His peers loved it, but the old people in the tribe were shocked. The wise chiefs put their heads together and concluded that every generation has a right to its own rhythm, even though the old one should not be forgotten. 

Ivana Guljašević
Bruno Kuman
Ivana Guljašević
Character Design
Ivana Guljašević
Ivana Guljašević
Aljoša Vuković
Sound Design
Ivana Guljašević, Bruno Kuman
Dubravko Sidor
Igubuka i Školska knjiga

Ivana Guljašević (1970) is an illustrator and animator, author of the award-winning animated film Like a Miracle and the 100-episode serial Danica, made for Croatian Television. She is a director and character designer of a series of educational and advertising films (mainly produced by Školska knjiga), works as an illustrator and writer.

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