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Big Frather

view in croatian
  • 2013
  • 61'
  • digibeta

Big Frather depicts life in an urban micro-environment (Martićeva Street 14, D-F, Zagreb) from the perspective of a statue of Friar Grgo Martić. The statue can be seen as representing surveillance and the control of anonymous destinies that we usually associate with ‘Big Brother’. Friar Martić’s peaceful memorial sits in a small park which serves as a collective toilet to hundreds of neighbourhood pets. This 50-metre stretch with seven cafés and two glazed building staircases comprises seven micro-worlds, which form a kind of microcosmic segment of an urban metropolis. The film was shot over two years in all seasons and all weathers, mostly by hidden cameras. 

Milivoj Puhlovski
Milivoj Puhlovski
Mario Oljača
Daniel Pejić
Neven Šverko
Mirta Puhlovski
Metar 60
Metar 60

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