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A Film for You

view in croatian
  • 2009
  • 15'30"
  • miniDV
  • color, black & white
  • Orig. Title: Film za tebe

The film follows the inner and outer states of the central character after he killed his girlfriend and buried her under a tree. In the first part, we follow the emotions, memories and mental associations of the protagonist. In the second part, we follow his further actions in real time.

Ivan Perić
Ivan Perić
Dragan Kovačević
Ivan Perić, Dragan Kovačević
Marko Kapitanović, Sunčica Perišin Tomljanović
Ivan Perić
Kino klub Split

Selected Filmography – Ivan Perić (1984)

  • Sirens and Screams (2015) – feature film
  • Saints (2014) – feature film
  • The Place Where the Last Man Died (2010) – feature film
  • Romeo & Julio (2009) – feature film
  • A Film for You (2009) – experimental short
  • Hiroshima (2009) –  experimental short
  • Embrace of the Blue (2008) – fiction short

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