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Hives in 23 Independent Digitised Cinemas for Gunja Flood Relief

The recent natural disaster that hit the eastern part of our country prompted the Croatian Audiovisual Centre to help flood victims of Gunja by organising humanitarian screenings of the film Hives in collaboration with 23 digitised independent cinemas throughout Croatia. The screening will take place on Saturday, May 31.  Hives is an anthology film made by film students from Zagreb, Jerusalem, London, Cologne, and Prague. Its main producer Ivan Kelava, originally from Gunja, was the reason for choosing this very film.

An additional reason that prompted us to screen Hives is that this co-production between five film academies is also reminiscent of this unfortunate event, which brought together all citizens of Croatia and which showed that, driven by a higher cause, we all come together in the most difficult of situations in order to help those in urgent need.

The directors of Hive’s five segments are Igor Šeregi (Croatia), Michael Carson Lennox (Great Britain), Boaz Debby (Israel), Tomaš Kratochvil (Czech Republic) and Simon Dolensky (Germany). In addition to the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art, the film brought together four world-renowned film schools: London’s National Film and Television School, one of the world’s most prestigious film schools; Jerusalem’s Sam Spiegel Film and Television School; the renowned Cologne-based Internationale Filmschule and the Prague FAMU, arguably one of the most famous film schools in the world, which fostered many directors from this region.  

The film had its Croatian premiere in the National Programme of the 59th Pula Film Festival and its International premiere in the side programme of the 60th San Sebastian International Film Festival. It was co-financed by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, MEDIA Desk Croatia and various sponsors. The film was produced as part of Kelava’s graduation work, under the mentorship of Damir Terešak, a film producer renowned for his film Armin.

Hives talks about five heroes from five different cities who, deep in thought on their way to work, are suddenly snapped back into the world around them by news on the radio about the mysterious disappearance of bees.

The entire ticket proceeds will be donated to Gunja’s flood victims.

Hives will be screened in the following cinemas and venues:  Čakovec Cultural Centre; Daruvar’s 30. svibnja,  Gospić’s Korzo and Koprivnica’s Velebit cinemas; the Korčula Cultural Centre; the Public Open University Novska; Osijek’s Urania, Pakrac’s Hrvatski Dom and Pazin’s Spomen dom cinemas; the Public Open University Poreč; Pula’s Valli cinema; Rijeka’s art-theatre Croatia; Rovinj’s Antonio Gandusio cinema; the Public Open University Samobor; Sisak’s Cultural Centre Kristalna kocka vedrine; Split’s Karaman cinema and Zlatna vrata cinematheque; the Public Open Universities Velika Gorica and Zabok; Zagreb’s Europa and Tuškanac cinemas, as well as the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art.

All those who will not be able to attend the screenings can also make a donation to the Gunja Municipality account: HR0924850031500005992

You can also help by calling the flood relief hotline at 060 90 11 – by making one call you donate 6,25 kunas (VAT incl.).

You can also download the promotional poster attached to this article. 

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