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  • ZagrebDox

    Location: Zagreb
    Festival dates: March 30th  – April 6th 2025 | 21st Edition

    ZagrebDox is an international documentary film festival launched in 2005. Festival is intended to provide audiences and experts insight into the recent documentary films, stimulate national documentary production and boost international and regional cooperation in co-productions. The festival's competition program has international and regional categories. Besides competition program, ZagrebDox has a number of non-competition programs – retrospectives and films focused on specific subjects, genres, techniques and esthetics.

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  • Pula Film Festival

    Location: Pula
    Festival dates: July 11 – 18, 2024 | 71st Edition

    Pula Film Festival is one of the oldest ongoing film festivals in Europe and the world. Launched in 1954 as the main festival of Yugoslav films, Pula Film Festival became Croatia’s national film festival in 1992. Its main competition programme includes feature fiction films. Alongside other city locations, the festival’s programme takes place in Pula’s amphitheatre, popularly called the Arena. It is organised by the Pula Film Festival public institution.

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  • Postira Seaside Film Festival

    Location: Postira, Brač
    Festival dates: July 23 – 28, 2024 | 14th Edition

    Postira Seaside Film Festival is devoted to short fiction films featured in an international competition programme and a Croatian non-competition programme. The festival was initiated in 2011 by a group of film enthusiasts brought together by two associations from Postira, Brač: Lanterna Magica and Unikat. Their goal is to enrich the local cultural offering.

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  • Cinehill Film Festival

    Location: Motovun
    Festival dates: July 24 – 28 , 2024 | 27th Edition

    Motovun Film Festival is dedicated to films made within small film industries and by independent productions. The programme consists of feature and short fiction and documentary films. The festival is jointly organised by Motovun Film Festival, the Istria County and the Municipality of Motovun.

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  • Brač Film Festival

    Location: Supetar, Brač
    Festival dates: August 7 – 10, 2024 | 10th Edition

    Brač Film Festival is an international feature film festival for emerging filmmakers from Europe and the Mediterranean. Key goals of the Festival are: promotion of the first time feature film directors, presentation of short student films, development of film literacy amongst children and youth and connecting young film professionals with experienced ones. The prize for Best Film is awarded by the audience.

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  • Liburnia Film Festival

    Location: Open Air Theatre, Opatija
    Festival dates: August 21 - 31, 2024 | 22nd Edition

    Liburnia Film Festival is the first documentary film festival in Croatia and the only festival exclusively screening recent Croatian documentaries. The festival is comprised of two competition programmes – the National programme and the Regional programme, and gives seven awards: Best Film, Audience Award, Best Director, Best Cinematographer, Best Editor, Best Sound Design and Best Regional Film. LFF is organized by Association Liburnia Film Festival from Rijeka, in cooperation with Restart from Zagreb.

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  • Vukovar Film Festival – Danube region film festival 

    Location: Vukovar
    Festival dates: August 28 – September 1, 2024 | 18th Edition

    Vukovar Film Festival screens films from the Danube countries - Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine. It is the only film festival that takes place literally on the river Danube. The competition program accepts feature and documentary films and the official jury hands out the Golden Barge awards in these two categories. The festival is organized by Design Studio D, the City of Vukovar and Vukovar Tourist Board. 

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  • ​Star Film Fest

    Location: Sisak
    Festival dates: August 29 – 31, 2024 | 11th Edition

    The Star Film Fest is a film festival for young filmmakers from around the world. The festival screens short documentaries, experimental, feature, industrial and animated films, and the authors who apply for films must be adults and not older than thirty-five years. With film screenings and competition program, Star Film Fest with accompanying content - exhibitions, film workshops, concerts and discussions on current topics, enriches the culture of Sisak and creates and maintains a much-needed platform for self-realization of young filmmakers, contributes to the growth and development of culture and film audiences. 

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  • 25 FPS Festival

    Location: Zagreb
    Festival dates: September 25 – 28, 2024 | 20th Edition

    25 FPS Festival is an international experimental film and video festival, primarily oriented towards short film. It screens films which innovatively explore the possibilities of cinematic language, narration and the medium itself, cross film types and genres and broaden the notion of film as art. It promotes expressive original concepts, progresses in terms of theme, idea and aesthetics, as well as works that perpetuate the tradition of artists', avant-garde and experimental film. Main festival sections are: Competition Programme, Jury's Choice, Expanded Cinema, Reflexes, Kino 23. International Grand Jury hands out three Grand Prix prizes in cash (ex aequo) and Special Mentions, Critics Jury Critics Award, festival organizer an award in production services to the best Croatian film, and Audience Award is selected according to audience votes.

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  • Croatian Film Days 

    Location: Zagreb
    Festival dates: October 17 – 20 , 2024
     | 33rd Edition

    The Croatian Film Days are a national festival founded in 1991 devoted to showcasing Croatia’s annual production of short- and medium-length feature, documentary, experimental, animated and commercial films. The festival is of a competitive nature, with awards handed out by the festival jury, members of the Croatian Film Critic’s Association, and the audience. Organizer is Croatian Film Association.

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  • Zagreb Film Festival

    Location: Zagreb
    Festival dates:  November 4 – 11, 2024 | 22nd Edition

    Zagreb Film Festival is one of the central and most visited cultural events, and the largest international film festival in Croatia. It is held during November in Zagreb and presents to its audience the best of newer independent international and local film production. From its beginnings, ZFF’s mission is to discover and promote contemporary independent film and debut films of directors from all over the world. For almost two decades, it has offered a festival, and later also a distribution platform, and it has screened works which are often left out of the programs of multiplex cinemas. The festival has also played a key role in educating generations of audiences which enjoy film art. The festival program offers a diverse film and educational content for all ages and interests, and serves as a platform for the networking of professionals: each edition of the festival gathers around 200 film experts from Croatia and around the world who come to Zagreb to present their films or participate in the festival’s educational programs.

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  • Cherry Pop Film Festival

    Location: Zagreb
    Festival dates: November 21 – 23, 2024 |
     3rd Edition

    Through the medium of audiovisual arts, the Cherry Pop Film Festival promotes open dialogue about all aspects of human sexuality. The Festival features two competitive programs, the Main and Student Program, both showcasing short films from around the world, while the Cherry Pick program is a selection of films dealing with a particular theme relating to sexuality. The Festival also features an educational and discussion section, the Pan-Erotikum, which is part of the Festival's aim to serve as an interdisciplinary platform for promoting open dialogue about sexuality. The Cherry Pop Film Festival is organized by the Academic Film Club and FPS Media.

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  • STIFF – Student International Film Festival

    Location: Rijeka
    Festival dates: November 21 – 23, 2024 | 11th Edition

    STIFF is Croatia’s first International Film Festival dedicated entirely to student films. Established by the SKC Rijeka (Student Cultural Center) and Filmaktiv – the purpose of the festival is strengthening the student film industry by allowing an insight into the work of other fellow student filmmakers, encouraging the development of new ideas and establishing international collaborations in the field of media production. STIFF’s main goal is to present the best of the student film production from all around the world and help them get their audiences. It strives to educate audiences about the quality of work of emerging filmmakers.

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