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RE-ACT co-development funding scheme 2021: 8 projects have been awarded

In the seventh round of co-development funding in 2021, out of 45 applications in total, 8 projects from Croatia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Serbia and Slovenia were chosen and awarded with 10 000 euros each.

Eight projects in question were chosen by the Programme Council of the RE–ACT, in consultation with renowned European film experts.

Please find here below the complete list of 2021 awarded projects:

Being related to John Malkovich, Documentary
Director: Luka Mavretić
Producer: Anita Juka, 4 film ltd (Croatia)
Co-producer: Chiara Toffolo, Tesla Production (Italy) / Nenad Pirnat, E.T.M. Production (Serbia)

Virgins, Fiction
Director: Dora Šustić
Producer: Maja Pek-Brünjes, Antitalent (Croatia)
Co-producer: Tramal (Slovenia) / Sense Production (Serbia) / List Production (Macedonia)

Con 24000 baci, Documentary
Director: Alessio Bozzer
Producer: Alessio Bozzer, Videoest Srl (Italy FVG)
Co-Producer: Katarina Prpić, Antitalent (Croatia) / Zal Opara, Vertigo (Slovenia)

The Long Way Down, Fiction
Director: Giacomo Talamini
Co-producer: Studio Virc (Slovenia) / Jaako dobra produkcija (Croatia) / Hive Division, Italy

One Dying Star, Documentary
Director: Tea Lukač
Producer: Danilo Bećković, Mali Budo d.o.o. (Serbia)
Co-producer: Siniša Juričić, Nukleus Film (Croatia) / Boštjan Virc, Studio Virc (Slovenia) / Martichka Bozhilova, AGITPROP (Bulgaria)

Rattlesnakes, Fiction
Director: Nikola Ljuca
Producer: Nikolina Vučetić - Zečević, Biberche productions (Serbia)
Co-producer: Ales Pavlin, Perfo production (Slovenia) / Damir Terešak, Maxima Film(Croatia) / Ada Solomon, Carla Fotea Micro film(Romania) / Bojana Radulović, Code Blue (Montenegro)

Little Trouble Girls, Fiction
Director: Urška Djukić
Producer: Jožko Rutar, SPOK Films (Slovenia)
Co-producer: Antitalent (Croatia) / Staragara I.T. (Italy) / SISTER Production (France)

The Moon of the Kurent, Fiction
Director: Tomaž Gorkič
Producer: Deja Škerjanc, Zavod 666 Productions (Slovenia)
Co-producer: Slice of Life Films d.o.o. (Croatia) / NuFrame (Slovenia)

The recipients of RE-ACT co-development funding were announced during the closing ceremony of When East Meets West, which took place 24th – 28th January, during the Trieste Film Festival

RE-ACT is an initiative set up in 2015 by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Friuli Venezia Giulia Audiovisual Fund, Slovenian Film Centre, joined by Film Center Serbia in 2019. It is designed for filmmakers and producers who wish to foster closer ties within Croatia, Friuli Venezia Giulia (IT), Slovenia and Serbia, and aimed in developing new audiovisual projects and fostering international co-productions.

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