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RE-ACT co-development funding scheme 2020: 8 projects have been awarded

In the six rounds of co-development funding in 2020, out of 55 applications in total, 8 projects were chosen and awarded with 10 000 euros each.

 A list of selected projects for the year 2020:  

  • My Dad's Lessons; directed by Dalija Dozet, Hulahop, (Croatia)
  •; directed by Katarina Zrinka Matijević, Wolfgang & Dolly (Croatia)
  • Vida - A Simple Life; directed by Silvia Zeitlinger, Film Srl (Italy, FVG)
  • White Lies; directed by Alba Zari, Sligshot, Film Srl (Italy, FVG)
  • Our Father; directed by Goran Stanković, This and That Productions (Serbia)
  • That Sound High in the air; directed by Srđan Keča, Non-Aligned Films (Serbia) 
  • Everything That's Wrong With You; directed by Urša Menart, Vertigo (Slovenia)
  • The Other Side of the Pipe; directed by Marko Kumer Murč, Rusaalka (Slovenia) 
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