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Documentary project Diana’s List wins co-production forum When East Meets West award in Trieste

The documentary film project Diana’s List produced by Dana Budisavljević and Miljenka Čogelja from the Zagreb-based production company HULAHOP won the EAVE European Producers Workshop Award for best project at the co-production forum When East Meets West, which took place 19-21 January in Trieste.

The project Diana’s List participated at the pitching forum as one of 18 selected projects out of 129 entries, in a fierce competition of feature live action and documentary projects from Eastern European countries and Italy, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The prestigious EAVE European Producers Workshop award ensures the award-winning producer funds for participation and further development of the project at EAVE 2012 European Producers workshop.

Diana’s List is a documentary film about an extraordinary woman who, with a group of collaborators, launched and enacted a charity of unbelievable proportions during World War II. Diana Budisavljević was born in Austria and moved to Zagreb after marrying a Zagreb-born doctor Julije Budisavljević. When she heard of the hardships of children in ustashe concentration camps, she decided to do something. She launched a rescue action in collaboration with professor Kamilo Bresler, at that time employee of the then Ministry of Social Welfare, Red Cross nurse Dragica Habazin, communist illegal Jana Koch and numerous other helpers, active throughout WWII. The action rescued 12,000 children.

Diana's List is written by Dana Budisavljević and Miljenka Čogelja (Hulahop) and directed by Dana Budisavljević.

The project won pitching funds at the last public tender for screenplay development financing called by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

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