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Croatian projects and film-makers at the Industry Days of the Sarajevo Film Festival

Four Croatian projects will develop at CineLink programmes that will be held as part of the Sarajevo Film Festival from 17 to 22 August, while six Croatian film-makers will participate in the programme Talents Sarajevo. The festival itself opens on 16 August and will last until 23 August. 

A total of 17 projects, among which are also two Croatian ones, were selected to participate in the CineLink Co-production Market.

The first selection phase, in which films in the early stage of development were selected, included the project Pula directed by Andrej Korovljev, screenplay by Ivan Turković Krnjak and produced by Dijana Mlađenović (Kinematograf). The film is being developed with the funds from the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and the RE-ACT fund. Pula is a story about a 35-year old refugee from Bosnia, Mahan, in whom 16-year old Una from Pula awakens a trace of hope. Una is intuitively attracted to his dark, secretive appearance. The two of them will enter into an, initially secret, amorous relationship. This inkling of some sort of a new, better life for Mahan will be marred by Vahida, a woman from his past, who has come to Pula believing that Mahan knows what happened to her family during the war. 

In the second round, intended for films that are in their final phase of development, the feature film project The Death of the little Match Girl, directed by Goran Kulenović, who also worked on the screenplay with Zoran Ferić, was selected. The film's producer is Ivor Kadžiabdić and Antun Bahat (Livada Produkcija), while the project development and production have been financed by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre. The story is about a pathologist, returnee to a Croatian island, who becomes involved with an investigation into the mysterious murder of a Romanian prostitute. 

'This year's projects are marked by their diversity – from creator styles, years, experience, to genre and forms. All 17 project promise an exciting future for the regional cinematography', said the Head of CineLink Amra Bakšić Čamo.   

You can find the list of projects that will be developed at the co-production market here and here

Aside from the co-production market, Croatian projects were also accepted into the programme for developing drama series CineLink Drama. In particular, the project Counsellor by Višnja Skorin, who co-wrote the screenplay together with Sandra Antolić, while Sara Hribar was in charge of direction. The project's producer is Lado Skorin, while the series has developed under the auspices of the company 3D2D Animatori. It is a mini-series about the counsellor Ana Holc, a psychologist and founder of the Counselling centre for underage pregnant girls and mothers, who battles with state laws and demons from her own past. After the adoption of a law criminalising abortion, the Counselling centre faces closure. 

Aside from Counsellor, also developing at the CineLink Drama programme will be the series Home by Darija Keršić with whom the producers Nebojša Taraba and Miodrag Sila from the company Drugi plan are associated. The series follows Viki, who is forced to stay in a children's orphanage after a failed adoption attempt. Viki begins high school by causing trouble. However, luckily, she meets some friends who help her with the problems growing up brings. 

You can find the list of all projects participating in the programme CineLink Drama on this link.  

Talents Sarajevo also takes place during the Sarajevo Film Festival, a program intended for young actors, directors, producers, photography directors and film critics from Southeast Europe and South Caucasus. This year's 13th edition of the programme offers masterclasses, moderated professional discussions and interactive panel discussions, as well as laboratories and workshops. Actors Tara Thaller and Marko Braić, director Sara Jurinčić, scenographer Dora Šustić and producers Tamara Babun and Tina Tišljar will be participating in Talents Sarajevo. You can find a list of all filmmakers participating in the programme Talents Sarajevo here

The Sarajevo Film Festival is held from 16 to 23 August, and all details about the festival can be found on the official website.

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