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Supertoon International Animation And Comics Festival

Location: Šibenik
Festival dates: July 19 – 23, 2021 | 11th edition

Supertoon International Animation and Comics festival focuses on the latest in national and international short animated film production, and from 2021 on authorial comics as well. It takes place each year in July and screens around 200 films in five competition categories: Grandtoon (professional animated shorts), Studentoon (student animated shorts), Planktoon (films for children), Supertune (animated music videos), and Supercomm (animated commissioned films). Through a series of side programs that includes themed and retrospective programs, VR screenings, panels, Q&A’s with artists, comics and animation-themed exhibitions, workshops for students and a children’s animation workshop called Planktoon, it celebrates the art of animation in the widest sense. Starting from 2021, it includes a comics competion in two categories: comic book and comics magazine. The festival hosts guests from around the world and creates a space for communication between professional filmmakers, production companies, fine arts, animation and new media students, and culture workers and journalists, providing them with an opportunity to gather, exchange ideas and experiences. All of the screenings take place outdoors, in open-air cinemas on the streets and squares of Šibenik, as well as Perivoj Roberta Visianija, the Šibenik city park, where a big comic book fair takes place.

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