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Keep An Eye On Croatian Film Rotterdam 2016


All Still Orbit | Sve, još uvijek, u orbiti

DIRECTED BY Dane Komljen, James Lattimer
PRODUCED BY Oliver Sertić (Restart), Dane Komljen, James Lattimer
CO-PRODUCED BY Nataša Damnjanović (Dart Film), Vladimir Vidić (Dart Film), Daniela Marinho (Flvmina Creative Production)
Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Brasil // 2016 // 23'

The film links two apparently unrelated moments in the construction of Brasília: the dream by an Italian saint used to justify its creation and a small city built by the workers constructing the new capital to house them and their families. How do you make sense of a city built on a dream? Sometimes a documentary can feel like a fairy tale.

Screening in: Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films 5
Sun 31 Jan / 17:00 / LantarenVenster 1
Mon 1 Feb / 17:00 / LantarenVenster 5
Fri 5 Feb / 12:30 / Pathé 3



DIRECTED BY Dubravka Turić
PRODUCED BY Zdenka Gold (Spiritus Movens Production)
HR // 2015  // 17'30''
SALES: everything works
CONTACT: Ivana Ivišić,
Three women of different ages meet in an ophthalmologist’s waiting room. Listening to the conversation between the older women, young Sasha finds out about a war tragedy that left one of them nearly blind. The feeling of indifference is replaced by a sense of closeness and recognition.

Screening in: Short Stories: Without Warning
Sat 30 Jan / 20:00 / LantarenVenster 5
Mon 1 Feb / 12:00 / Pathé 2

Here There | Tu tamo

DIRECTED BY Alexander Stewart
PRODUCED BY Vanja Andrijević (Bonobostudio)
HR // 2015 // 4'40''
A travelogue that is both strange and familiar, abstract and real. It begins as a traveler’s sketchbook, drawn in Croatia in the summer of 2014, but details soon fade away into abstract impressions on the edges of memory. This film is reduced to its essence - a condensed feeling of one place and time.

Screening in: Coleur locale
Fri 29 Jan / 14:30 / LantarenVenster 2
Sat 30 Jan / 19:45 / LantarenVenster 2


The High Sun | Zvizdan

DIRECTED BY Dalibor Matanić
PRODUCED BY Ankica Jurić Tilić (Kinorama)
CO-PRODUCED BY Petra Vidmar (Gustav film), Frenk Celarc (Gustav film), Nenad Dukić (SEE Film Pro), Miroslav Mogorović (SEE Film Pro)
HR, SI, RS // 2015  // 123'
SALES: Cercamon
CONTACT: Sebastien Chesneau,
Taking place in 1991, 2001 and 2011, the film follows three stories about star-crossed lovers from two neigbouring villages burdened by ethnic tensions and violent history.

Thu 28 Jan / 12:00 / Pathé 2 (Dutch subtitles)
Tue 2 Feb / 20:00 / Pathé 1 (Dutch subtitles)
Fri 5 Feb / 15:45 /  Pathé 5 (Dutch subtitles)
Sat 6 Feb / 19:30 / Pathé 3 (Dutch subtitles)

Full Contact | Puni udar

DIRECTED BY David Verbeek
PRODUCED BY Leontine Petit (Lemming Film), Eva Eisenloeffel (Lemming Film), Joost De Vries (Lemming Film)
CO-PRODUCED BY Siniša Juričić (Nukleus Film), Joost de Wolf (VPRO), Peter Warnier (Wild at Art)
NL, FR, HR // 2015 // 105'
A contemporary tale of a man trying to find a new purpose in his life after accidentally bombing a school while operating a drone plane. Modern warfare gives him a feeling of safety and keeps him disconnected from his prey. After the incident, something snaps in him and leaves him full of doubt.

Sun 31 Jan / 13:45 / de Doelen Jurriaanse Zaal (Press&Industry)
Sun 31 Jan / 19:30 / Oude Luxor (Dutch subtitles)
Mon 1 Feb / 12:15 /  Pathé 6 (Dutch subtitles)
Wed 3 Feb / 21:45 / LantarenVenster 1 (Dutch subtitles)
Fri 5 Feb / 14:00 / Cinerama 4 (Dutch subtitles)

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