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Keep an Eye on Croatian Film: Picnic, an EFA Nominee

With 20 festivals and six awards under its belt, this EFA nominated and Oscar shortlisted short film won over hearts and minds of festival goers, programmers and jury members around the world.

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DIRECTED BY Jure Pavlović
PRODUCED BY Luka Venturin, Jure Pavlović (Sekvenca)
HR // 2015 // 14'
SALES: Agencia Freak,,  

  • Premiered in Berlinale 2015 as part of the Generation 14plus programme: Ever since its first screening, Picnic has had a successful festival run. It is nominated for EFA's Best European Short Film and qualified to compete for Academy Award in the short film category.
  • A short story that conveys a complex web of emotions: A teenage boy visits his father in prison in this simple but heart-warming story about unarticulated (mis)understandings between children and parents.
  • Bold aesthetic approach: Jure Pavlović keeps his camera glued to the faces of his protagonists most of the film, making the viewers feel as if they were in their skin.

EFA Nomination: Best European Short Film  – click here to watch and vote for the film!
Qualified for Academy Award for Best Short Film

Festivals and Awards: Rhode Island IFF (Best Film), Drama IFF (Prix EFA), Croatian Film Days (Grand Prix, Best Actors), Tanger (Best Actors), Vilnius (Special Mention), Reykjavik and many more.

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