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Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

6 Croatian Films at 48th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

As many as six Croatian films will be presented in the official selection of the 48th edition of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (June 28 - July 6 2013). The competition programmes include Croatian box-office hits and crowd-pleasers (The Priest’s Children, Gangster of Love) and three intriguing minority co-productions (Adria Blues, Dual and Velvet Terrorists). The non-competition selection will show a documentary film about one of the most controversial Croatian films of all times (Occupation, 27th Picture).


Svecenikova djeca / The Priest's Children by Vinko Bresan
Croatia, Serbia, 2013, 96'
IP - International Premiere

Industry screening: July 2, 13:30. Cinema C
617 - July 3, 17:00, Grand Hall
7P2 - July 4, 10:30, Pupp
9K2 - July 6, 11:30, Drahomira Cinema

When a young Catholic priest named Fabian is assigned to take over from his popular predecessor in a picturesque Dalmatian village, he is appalled to discover that, while there are plenty of funerals, hardly any children are being born. A confession from a local parishioner reveals the cause, and Fabian decides to try and improve the birthrate using somewhat unusual methods...

SALES: WIDE Management
Contacts in Karlovy Vary: Loic Magneron and Katia Khazak


Gangster te voli / Gangster of Love by Nebojsa Sljepcevic
Croatia, Germany, Romania, 2013, 80'           
EP - European Premiere
Festivals: ZagrebDox 2013 (Audience Award), Hot Docs 2013

5C3 - July 2, 2013, 15:30, Cas Cinema
6K5 - July 3, 2013, 17:00, Drahomira Cinema

The main character of this Croatian documentary comedy is former carpenter Nedo Babić, nicknamed Gangster for the sunglasses he always wears. For 25 years he has worked as the boss and sole employee of Hope dating agency, and in that time he has matched nearly 300 more-or-less satisfied couples. In recent years, however, middle-aged, simplistic village men have come to dominate those looking for “the one.”

SALES: Rise And Shine World Sales
Contacts in Karlovy Vary: Veronika Janatkova and Vanja Jambrovic (Restart)


Dvojina / Dual by Nejc Gazvoda
Slovenia, Denmark, Croatia, 2013, 102'
WP - World Premiere

Press & Industry screening: July 2, 15:30, Cinema A           
6D4 - July 3, 16:00, Karlovy Vary Theatre
7L2 - July 4, 13:30, Lazne III

Tina is a young Slovenian woman with a summer job as an airport bus driver. Iben is a Dane of the same age on her way to Greece for a holiday, but due to a technical problem on her flight, she is forced to stay in Ljubljana overnight. Tina is at first hesitant when Iben asks her to show her around her hometown, but she finally decides to fulfil the tourist’s wish. Reaching a kind of turning point in their lives, the two young women briefly become close and open up to one another....

SALES: Media Luna New Films UG
Contacts in Karlovy Vary: Media Luna New Films UG and/or Slovenian Film Centre

Zamatovi Teroristi / Velvet Terrorists by Ivan Ostrochovský, Pavol Pekarčík, Peter Kerekes
Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Croatia, 2013, 87'
WP - World Premiere

Press & Industry screening: June 30, 17:30, Cinema A
4D4 - July 1, 16:00, Karlovy Vary Theatre
5L2 - July 2, 13:30, Lazne III

During the 80s, they decided to fight the communistic regime in Czechoslovakia.Three stories about the thin line between defense and offence, courage and chance, presence and past... fantasy and reality. Explosions, gunfire, terroristic drill. And behind all that there is the desire for love.

SALES: Deckert Distribution
Contact in Karlovy Vary: Heino Deckert

Adria Blues by Miroslav Mandic
Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013, 91'
WP - World Premiere

Press & Industry screening: July 3, 15:30, Cinema A           
7P7 - July 4, 19:00, Pupp
8L3 - July 5, 16:30, Lazne III

Toni Riff is an aging former rock star from Bosnia who left for Slovenia during the war and then married one of his fans, Sonia. Paralysed by depression, Toni hasn’t written a single song in the last two decades. As a result, he has to rely on the support of his wife who, to Toni’s irritation, earns a living as a phone-sex operator. When one of her regular clients, a big fan of Toni’s, offers to organise a come-back concert for him at his coastal hotel Adria, Sonia sees this as an opportunity to finally drag her husband out of his depression...

Contact in Karlovy Vary: Gustav Film and/or Slovenian Film Centre


Okupacija, 27. slika / Occupation, The 27th Picture by Pavo Marinkovic
Czech Republic, Croatia, 2013, 71'
WP - World Premiere

223 - June 29, 2013, 12:30, Small Hall
5H1 - July 2, 2013, 13:00, Husovka Theatre
7H2 - July 4, 2013, 16:00, Husovka Theatre

Very few films would be able to excite the kind of passion generated by Lordan Zafranović’s Occupation in 26 Pictures (1978). This artistic metaphor for the occupation of the director’s native Dalmatia during the Second World War screened in competition at Cannes; it also took away an award from the Pula festival and received rave reviews both in the former Yugoslavia and beyond the country’s borders.

Contact in Karlovy Vary: 8Heads Productions s.r.o.

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