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Zulejka: The Legend of Ogulin

view in croatian
  • 2014
  • 6'17''
  • beta SP
  • claymation, 2D
  • Orig. Title: Zulejka: legenda grada Ogulina

At the beginning of the 16th century, the Ottoman Empire is at the peak of its power and the Croatian Kingdom becomes the final stronghold of Christianity in Eastern Europe. The Duke of Ogulin’s daughter Zulejka leads an idyllic life in Ogulin Castle and dreams about romance. She falls in love with a young Croatian army captain, unaware that her father has already promised her hand to an influential count. While the battles against the Turks are raging around the town of Ogulin, Zulejka experiences an ominous vision in a ritualistic rite. The vision comes to life, her beloved captain dies and Zulejka throws herself into the abyss.

Tomislav Gregl
Maja Gregl
Branko Ilić
Tomislav Gregl, Tihoni Brčić
Character Design
Branko Ilić
Tihoni Brčić
Production Design
Ante Strinić
Darko Hajsek
Sound Design
Darko Hajsek
Vinko Brešan
Zagreb film
Zagreb film

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