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Yellow Moon

view in croatian
  • 2009
  • 17'
  • 35 mm
  • color
  • Segment of the Zagreb Stories omnibus
  • Orig. Title: Žuti mjesec

A door bell rings. Lana, a young pregnant woman, opens the door and sees her new neighbour Marija on the doorstep. Marija introduces herself and accepts Lana‘s invititation to share a cup of coffee. After a rather curious small talk, Marija wants to leave, but Lana implores her to stay a bit longer. Why? Because sometimes it is easier to confide in a complete stranger.

Zvonimir Jurić
Zvonimir Jurić
Jakov Lerotić
Vladimir Gojun
Lana Barić, Marija Škaričić
Boris T. Matić
Propeler Film

Zvonimir Jurić (1971) graduated in film and TV directing from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art in 1999. He wrote and directed the feature film The One Who Will Stay Unnoticed (2003), one segment of the Sex, Booze and Short Fuse omnibus (2005), and several acclaimed documentaries. Together with Goran Devčić, he co-wrote and co-directed the feature film The Blacks (2009), which won them the Golden Arena for Best Director at the 56th Pula Film Festival and was the official Croatian submission for the Academy Awards nominations for Best Foreign Language Film.

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