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  • HR
  • 2021
  • 95'
  • color
  • thriller, drama
  • Orig. Title: Povjerenje

In a small town, in 2025, Krsto works for the Agency which offers to listen to people’s secrets. At one of the hearings, Krsto finds out that his client is holding a young girl captive. At the same time, the daughter of the director of a waste disposal company goes missing. Its workers have been on strike for months, with the town slowly drowning in trash. With his activist girlfriend Zora and local reporter Darko, Krsto begins to question his role of a silent witness.

Matija Benić
Filip Rutić, Matija Benić
Vida Žagar
Manuel Babić
Sound Design
Jurica Pađen
Arian Peharda
Costume Design
Leticija Tea Rojc
Production Design
Leticija Tea Rojc
Hana Kunić, Jura Ruža, Karla Aračić, Hana Dolenec, Hana Hegedušić, Karlo Bernik, Erik Đuranec, Jan Kerekeš, Marinko Prga, Darko Plovanić, Ivana Zanjko, Bojan Mucko, Ivan Krešić i Kristijan Petrović
Vida Žagar, Lado Skorin

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