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view in croatian
  • 2012
  • 8'13"
  • video
  • classical animation, computer animation, 3D
  • color

Through the thick darkness of the tunnel faint monotonous walls vibrate. In the dark distance a ray of light suddenly blinked and a moment later a strong energy burst  flies rapidly in front of camera and exists the frame.  We enter into abstract and utterly unknown world. Sleepy, almost frosty landscape is echoed by a tower packed with spindle black silhouette rising in front of horizon. Ritual contractions and the buckling choreography of its body invokes white deity from the other realm to perform ritual of transmutation. With a purpose of re-establishing the initial state of profound stillness ritual comes to its end.

Nikola Radović
Nikola Radović
Nikola Radović
Nikola Radović
Nikola Radović
Sound Design
Nikola Radović
Akademija likovnih umjetnosti (ALU)

Nikola Radović was born in Osijek in 1985. He graduated from the Department of Animation and New Media at Zagreb’s Academy of Fine Art. He was in charge of 3D character animation on the film Flower of Battle by Simon Bogojević Narath. His graduation film Transecho was mentored by Darko Kreč.

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