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Till the End of the Thread

view in croatian
  • HR
  • 2019
  • 14'30''
  • Orig. Title: Do konca

The former Thread and Cotton Yarn Factory Dalmatinka Sinj was one of the most successful textile companies in Yugoslavia. It had a key role in the emancipation of women, who made 80% of its workforce. Shots of the swaying fabric and threads in the ruins of the renowned factory, the remnants of machines and empty halls are interwoven with scenes from the experimental film Threads, filmed in the heyday of Dalmatinka.

Neli Ružić
Neli Ružić
Neli Ružić
Sound Design
Tonči Bakotin
Tonči Bakotin
Nikola Tesla Technical Museum (“Tailored Futures?” project)
ESF Operational Programme Efficient Human Resources 2014-2020

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