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This Is Not the Film’s Title, the True Title Is in the Closing Credits

view in croatian
  • 2012
  • 14'59"
  • digibeta, beta SP
  • color, black & white

Based on ideas jointly developed by an agnostic, a Catholic and a Muslim, the true title of the film is revealed only in its closing credits. Set in modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina, the film’s main theme revolves around the religious, cultural and generational upheaval in a post-war society in transition. It addresses themes such as Christianity vs. Islam; traditional vs. modern; domestic vs. foreign; spiritual vs. secular; and eternal vs. transient. The nature of misunderstanding is an important motif of the film, and most of the film’s dialogue, which occurs in over 20 languages, is not subtitled. While the film’s intention is to promote tolerance, viewer’s interpretation of the film rests on their personal beliefs and prejudices.

Slaven Žimbrek
Slaven Žimbrek
Goran Trbuljak, Slaven Žimbrek
Slaven Žimbrek
Slaven Žimbrek
Sound Design
Slaven Žimbrek
Slaven Žimbrek
Žimbra Film

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