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They Are Here

view in croatian
  • HR
  • 2021
  • 44’50’’
  • color
  • student film
  • Orig. Title: One su tu

Brave, strong, and uncompromising young women pave their own way in the music industry by crossing geographical and socially imposed boundaries. The film follows Croatian female singer-songwriters and bands: Sara Renar, Nina Romić, Billie Joan, Mary May, Punčke and Seven Mouldy Figs. They talk about their experiences, the position of women in the music industry. Their stories converge and diverge, but they all share a deep passion for music.

Andrijana Mirna Marin
Andrijana Mirna Marin
Glorija Lizde, Andrijana Mirna Marin
Andrijana Mirna Marin
Sound Design
Gildo Bavčević
Ivan Perić, Andrijana Mirna Marin
Umjetnička akademija u Splitu (UMAS)

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