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The People Are the Way

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  • HR
  • 2022
  • 41'20''
  • Orig. Title: Put su ljudi

Nine strangers of different nationalities, age, religious confessions, interests and desires meet on the Way of St. James. They went on this 800-kilometre-long journey in winter, to cross three mountains and arrive at their destination in spring. They expected it to be a lonely and a physically challenging journey and that solitude might teach them something about life. What they discovered was that neither the snow-clad mountains, nor sunny valleys, nor swift, icy creeks were the way. They have reached the same conclusion – the people are the Way.

Tomislav Krnić
Tomislav Krnić
Tomislav Krnić
Tomislav Rupić
Sound Design
Tomislav Rupić
Tomislav Rupić
Tomislav Krnić, Domingo Ortega Plana, Akutsu Hirokazu, Laura Lib, Jorn Weirsoe, Victoria Franzon, Chris Klett, Paul Gontgivell, Tanita Van Katternbroek, Francisco Motta Kohlmann, Lydia Mulcahy, Luce Tratnip
Wolfgang i Dolly
Tamara Babun
Hrvatski audiovizualni centar (HAVC)

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