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view in croatian
  • 2013
  • 100'
  • DCP
  • color, black & white
  • comedy
  • Orig. Title: Visoka modna napetost

Due to some new rules, Pero, the head of a small community on a remote Dalmatian island, decides to do everything he can so that his village earns the status of a town. To achieve this he has to overcome several obstacles: raise the number of inhabitants from 99 to 100 and turn his villagers into citizens. People find it hard to adapt to the new situation, but Pero is determined to have his way as a politician and as the head of the family. In conflict with his troublesome brothers, and torn between his ill mother, love problems and politics, Pero finds it ever harder to cope with the situation and loses control.

Filip Šovagović
Filip Šovagović, Ivica Đikić, Robert Perišić
Mirko Pivčević
Dafne Jemeršič
Production Design
Veronika Radman
Costume Design
Zorana Meić, Marta Čopo
Filip Šovagović
Sound Design
Damir Valinčić
Marija Škaričić, Goran Navojec, Mijo Jurišić, Bojana Petrović, Bojan Navojec, Miran Kurspahić, Petar Mišo Mihočević, Ingeborg Appelt
Filip Šovagović, Hrvoje Belanović
Zona Sova
World Sales
Continental film

Selected Filmography – Filip Šovagović (1966)

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