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Star Stuff (The Story of Carl Sagan)

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  • HR
  • 2015
  • 9'42''
  • color
  • educational
  • Orig. Title: Zvjezdana tvar

A film inspired by the life and work of Carl Sagan, one of the most famous scientists and science promotors of the 20th century. What are the stars? In search of an answer to that seemingly simple question, Carl, a curious child, sets off on a great voyage of discovery.

Ratimir Rakuljić
Ratimir Rakuljić
Monika Drahotuski, Ratimir Rakuljić, Andrej Smoljan
Filip Tot
Monika Drahotuski
Sound Design
Andrej Smoljan
Kenley Kristofferson
Production Design
Ljupka Tanevska
Domagoj Čulina, Luka Šatara, Izzy Stannard, Anthony Haden Salerno, Ken Spassione, Jr., Vedran Butorac, Leonarda Obradović, Ivica Gunjača, Višnja Skorin, Lado Skorin, Ozren Muić

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