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Sky Spirits

view in croatian
  • 2010
  • 6'
  • digibeta
  • color

The experimental film Sky Spirits is based on real-life shots of fireworks, collected by the filmmakers over a seven-year period, from 2001 to 2008. The experiment explores the outer limits of fireworks as sources of light, showing this through real-life dynamic light patterns, which are then fed into video processors, resulting in chromatically rich animated samples. The entire work process is a kind of ‘homage to the tape’ because it is completely recorded and edited on digital videotapes, without using any kind of computer program.

Damir Čučić, Boris Poljak
Damir Čučić, Boris Poljak
Boris Poljak
Vera Robić-Škarica
Hrvatski filmski savez (HFS)

Damir Čučić (1972) has directed more than 20 documentaries, 12 experimental films and two short films. He is the winner of 17 national and international film awards and his films have been shown at over 130 festivals in 40 countries on almost every continent. In 1999 he also became involved in film education and he teaches at many documentary and experimental film workshops. He is the founder of Mikrokino, a chain of movie theatres reserved for short film screenings.

Selected Filmography – Damir Čučić (1972)

  • A Letter to My Dad (2012) – feature film
  • City Killer (2007) – documentary short
  • La petite mort (2006) – experimental short
  • La Strada (2004) – experimental short
  • Forgotten (2002) – documentary short
  • Creatures From the Pictures (1999) – documentary short

Boris Poljak (1959) has been a member of the Split Cinema Club since 1978 and is a longtime member of the board of the Croatian Film Clubs’ Association. His filmography as a cinematographer includes over 40 short films and documentaries, two feature films, and over 200 commercials. His films have won several awards for cinematography at domestic and international film festivals.

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