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Sirens and Screams

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  • HR
  • 2015
  • 82'
  • color
  • dystopian, thriller
  • Orig. Title: Sirene i krikovi

In a city hit by crisis, poverty and crime, the remaining people are trying to survive or escape. After one of the rich citizens is murdered, we follow multiple protagonists’ attempts to find his corpse. While the majority takes part in the search, trying to survive in different ways, one of them has different plans. However, he, too, gets involved in the pursuit against his will. A film shot in one continuous 78-minute take.

Ivan Perić
Ivan Perić
Rino Barbir
Sound Design
Gildo Bavčević, Niko Gulam, Dalibor Leljak
Josip Rogošić
Costume Design
Emina Štrkljević
Production Design
Katarina Bilan, Martina Bilan, Ivan Perić
Tino Bandini, Marko Kapitanović, Ivana Župa, Borut Novak, Mario Vidić, Rade Tanjga, Katarina Botica, Josip Rogošić, Ana Arapović, Stipe Tadin Biočić, Petar Buljević
Ivan Perić
Dream Division Production

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