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Rom Com

view in croatian
  • 2011
  • 36'
  • digibeta
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Rom kom

How do you remember your lines? Are you really naked when you shoot a love scene? How can you kiss a stranger and pretend to be in love? Every actor has heard these questions at least once... We meet Her and Him, embracing for the cameras on the set of a soap opera. They are the main characters in a hit series, and the antiheroes of their own lives. As make-believe emotion turns to real passion, one of them will mistake it for love; while the other will sacrifice this new romance when a richer and more powerful suitor comes along. The producer grew rich during Croatia’s transition to a market economy. Now he legalizes his dirty money by making this tv series. He wants actors with pretty faces, to sell the promise of a better life to the customers who buy his goods. He rewards them with money and fame, but they pay a heavy price when the tabloid press erodes their privacy. In short, they are the true heroes of our time. As the series grows more popular, the actors’ private lives suffer. On screen, they create the illusion of a carefree life but off screen, their romance soon becomes a grotesque comedy when escapist fantasy clashes with harsh reality.

Zvonimir Rumboldt
Damir Markovina
Tomo Krnić
Goran Bogdan, Bojan Navojec, Iva Mihalić, Robert Kurbaša, Ana Majhenić
Anita Juka
4 Film

Zvonimir Rumboldt (1969) is best known for his work on various television projects and formats such as the reality show The Farm and the variety show Retro Top Chart. His best known film projects are the feature film Lavanderman – Truth or Myth?, the short documentary Držić (2008) and the short fiction film Oidar (2008).

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