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Rock Heroes

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  • HR
  • 2022
  • 100'
  • color
  • comedy
  • Orig. Title: Yunaci rocka

In the late 1970s in Rijeka, an amateur rock band is formed, but it doesn’t go smoothly. The keyboardist Denis is going through a rough patch caused by trauma. His sister Miranda places an ad for band auditions, making Denis realise he needs to move on. The newly-formed band grows closer and makes progress. But the lead singer Željko begins to express his dissatisfaction with the fact that Denis is leading the band.

David Petrović
David Petrović
Luka Radiković, Pavle Kaplanec
David Petrović, Luka Radiković
Sound Design
Olja Dešić
Davor Popović, Krešimir Kunda
Costume Design
Nisa Hrvatin Petrović
Production Design
Nisa Hrvatin Petrović
Davor Popović, Krešimir Kunda, Ivan Raffaelli, Nikolina Vorić, Igor Kondić
David Petrović
Ri Teatar

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