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view in croatian
  • HR
  • 2016
  • 40'
  • color

As a follow up of the media project DM1978 talks with DM2010, which Dalibor Martinis started by asking 20 questions during the public performance at Vancouver Western Front Center, and finished by answering the questions on Drugi format tv show in 2010, this work consists of 15 scenes-questions addressed to an (un)certain entity DM/2077, which might exist in 2077. 

Dalibor Martinis
Dalibor Martinis
Dalibor Martinis, Boris Cvjetanović, Stanko Herceg, Marko Ercegović, Timothy O'Laughlin, Dmytro Vlasov, Chris Tipton Kingo
Dalibor Martinis
Dalibor Martinis

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