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  • 2013
  • 27'45''
  • HD, 16 mm
  • omnibus
  • Orig. Title: Planeti

Eight young filmmakers from Klubvizija SC film lab combine their knowledge and skills in an omnibus of stories about planets. The original inspiration was Davor Preiss’ project Nine Views (2004), an ambient installation that – in combination with sculptor Ivan Kožarić’s Grounded Sun in the centre of Zagreb – forms a scale model of the Solar System. Each filmmaker has chosen one planet, and tells a personal story about it based on its hidden location in Zagreb and its astrological characteristics. All the episodes were shot on 16 mm film and hand processed.

Everyday Everyman – Luka Čurčić | Gravitation 3,013 – Michel Kubaček | Ouranou Orizontas – Josip Šćurec | Life on Mars – Branka Valjin | Communication – Nikolina Butorac | Saturn – Hrvoje Stipković | B162 – Tomislav Šoban | Nibiru – Ivica Šćurec
Josip Šćurec, Ejla Kovačević, Branka Valjin
Klubvizija SC
Klubvizija SC

Croatian film catalogue

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