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Pink Express

view in croatian
  • 2010
  • 22'
  • color

On a warm summer night in Zagreb, two men are looking for a third man, in order to have a threesome. They are both running away from their mundane lives; the first one from his wife, young son and ‘bourgeois’ routine, the second from his boyfriend, mother, and his fear of boredom and commitment. The two men, who have little in common apart from their sexual orientation, find out exactly what it means to be gay in Croatia. Using genre elements drawn from horror films and musicals, we observe their inner lives and frustrations, along with the slow realization that some people do not have the right to leave, and that happy endings are not made for everyone.

Ivan Livaković
Ivan Livaković
Danijel Ruljančić
Damir Poljičak, Filip Križan, Ana Maras, Goran Bogdan, Iva Mihalić, Mirjana Žepek
Mirta Puhlovski Šverko
Metar 60

Selected Filmography – Ivan Livaković (1982)

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