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Pain So Light That Appears As Tickle

view in croatian
  • 2010
  • 4'04''
  • digibeta
  • color

Pain is slowed down in slow motion up to the sensitivity threshold and is sold as an everyday anesthetic. We browse through ready-made catalogues of horror, complete with instructions for use, we order attractive idea-images; we wish to leave our bodies and become the image for a change. Watching a film, we forget about ourselves, pretending not to be interested in the content; in fact, we are interested in the hypnotizing, pulsating light, which is when we discover our magical and tribal conscience and repressed fear of life.

Dalibor Barić
Dalibor Barić
Dalibor Barić
Dalibor Barić
Dalibor Barić
World Sales

Dalibor Barić (1974) is a multimedia artist who lives and works in Zagreb.

Selected Filmography – Dalibor Barić (1974)

  • Unknown Energies and Unidentified Feelings (in production) – experimental short
  • Amnesiac on the Beach (2013) – animation short
  • The Spectres of Veronica (2011) – experimental short
  • New Hippie Future (2011) – experimental short
  • Pain so Light that Appears as Tickle (2010) – experimental short

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