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On the Path (Jasmila Žbanić)

view in croatian
  • BA, AT, DE, HR
  • 2010
  • 100'
  • 35 mm
  • color
  • drama
  • bosnian
  • Orig. Title: Na putu

Luna and Amar, orphans of the Bosnian conflict, share a happy and loving relationship. They are trying to leave the painful past behind and they hope to start a family. Amar, an air traffic controller, has an alcohol problem: one day he is caught drinking at work and gets suspended from his job. Everything changes when Amar meets an old war buddy by chance: his friend is now a strict but contented Muslim. At first, Amar resists his friend’s offer of spiritual advice, but he changes his view after hearing a sermon in a mosque. Amar’s newfound faith will tear his relationship with Luna apart.

Jasmila Žbanić
Jasmila Žbanić
Christine A. Maier
Niki Mossbock
Production Design
Lada Maglajlić, Amir Vuk
Costume Design
Lejla Hodžić
Branko Jakubović
Sound Design
Igor Čamo, Lars Ginzel
Zrinka Cvitešić, Leon Lučev, Ermin Bravo, Mirjana Karanović, Nina Violić, Izudin Bajrović, Marija Kohn
Damir Ibrahimović
Deblokada Production
Bruno Wagner, Barbara Albert, Karl Baumgartner, Leon Lučev
Coop99 (AT), Pola Pandora (DE), Produkcija Živa (HR)
World Sales
The Match Factory

Jasmila Žbanić (1974) is a film director from Bosnia and Herzegovina and a graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. She started her directing career upon founding an artists’ association in Sarajevo called ‘Deblokada’ in 1997, directing short films and documentaries. Her debut feature film Grbavica/In the Land of My Dreams (2006) won the Golden Bear in Berlin in 2006 and has since been sold to more than 45 territories world-wide and enjoyed major success and critical acclaim on the international film festival circuit.

Filmography – Jasmila Žbanić (1974)

  • On the Path (2010) - feature film
  • Builder’s Diary (2007) - documentary feature
  • Grbavica (2005) - feature film
  • To and From (2002) - fiction short
  • Do You Remember Sarajevo (2002) - documentary feature
  • Red Rubber Boots (2000) - documentary feature

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