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N-th Cinematic Nail Factory, 2021

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  • HR
  • 2022
  • 7'
  • Orig. Title: N-ta kinematska tvornica čavala, 2021.

The film is constructed from the video material that the author shot in 1999 at the horseshoe factory in Karlovac (closed in 2005). It consists of 99 shots. A special software arranges the shots in a new random order each time it is run. Each generated configuration represents a unique author's film, The Nth Cinematic Nail Factory by Dalibor Martinis, where N is the ordinal number of each film edited in this way.

Dalibor Martinis
Dalibor Martinis
Dalibor Martinis
Sound Design
Dalibor Martinis
Dalibor Martinis

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