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My Way (2010)

view in croatian
  • 2010
  • 6'40''
  • 35 mm
  • 2D
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Moj put

A story about growing up and maturing, about anxiety and ambition illustrated through a tale of shoes.

Veljko Popović, Svjetlan Junaković
Svjetlan Junaković
Zvonimir Haramija, Mirela Ivanković Bielen, Ana Horvat, Juliana Kučan, Ana-Marija Vidaković
Svjetlan Junaković
Svjetlan Junaković
Maša Udovičić, Zvonimir Haramija
Hrvoje Štefotić
Sound Design
Hrvoje Štefotić
Maša Udovičić
Bold Studio

Veljko Popović (1979) graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts as a painter. He is the co-founder of Lemonade3d studio. He works as an assistant professor at the Arts Academy in Split. His first film She Who Measures was screened at around 100 festivals worldwide and received a number of awards.

Svjetlan Junaković (1961) is a painter, illustrator and designer. He had many solo exhibitions around the world. He is also a renowned author and illustrator of several children’s books that have been translated in more than twenty languages. He teaches graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.

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